ADTHERM is an introductory-technical-construction company, founded in 1981 by engineer, Dimitrios Anastasiadis, concerning the areas of heating, air conditioning and plumbing, based in Katerini.
The current needs of the market and of consumers prompted the company to proceed with exclusive import and promotion of energy saving systems for heating, cooling and production of hot water use pellet boilers and burners biomass pellet stoves, heat pumps, boilers with integrated heat pumps, air conditioners, etc., all selected after careful research and testing in practice and application in order to ensure high technology, top quality and energy savings.
Over the last decade ADTHERM expanded its activities in the field of exports to the Balkan countries (Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria).
The ADTHERM over the years succeeded to be a vertically integrated company, offering besides high quality products, reliable and trustworthy by qualified technical staff, the standard of the companies abroad.

Heat pumps

The heat pumps are the most economical method for heating, cooling and hot water, at very competitive prices. Learn about the benefits!

Burners biomass pellets

Biomass burners with self-cleaning with a power range from 35 to 350kw with 5th generation software enabling the connection with a computer.

Biomass pellets Boilers