Air to Water Heat Pump KK series

The air to water heat pumps KK series of ADTHERM is currently the most economical method for heating, cooling and hot water. The pumps have compressor PANASONIC.

High temperature heat pumps Polaris

The series of high temperature heat pumps Polaris can operate safely with a constant supply of hot water at extremely low temperatures. The compressors pump is COPELAND (Made in USA)

Inverter heat pump HERO

The heat pump range HERO reason the use of all DC inverter technology may be used for heating cooling and hot water. The compressors pump is Mitsubishi.

Heat Pumps for Swimming Pools

The ADPOOL heat pumps use the heat pump technology for heating swimming pool water with the lowest possible power consumption.

Residential Air Purifiers

Smart air purification device of ADTHERM, not only sends fresh air with plenty of oxygen in your room but does alternation of heat between the air inlet and outlet, which offers a healthier life in your family and ensures an economical energy recovery mode.

Heat Pump With Boiler ECOSPLIT

The ECOSPLIT is a DHW plant where manufactured in the European Union (EU) and is characterized by the high quality and efficiency that offers solutions to a multitude of applications.

Heat pumps for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water

The Heat pumps is today the most modern and low cost solution for heating, cooling and hot water for domestic and professional use. The growing interest from the general public, which is looking to get rid of the unbearable cost of heating oil for heat pumps is fully justified and evidence!